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As our tag line suggests, Gosling International’s business is change. We are an independent consultancy specializing in relationship, self development, and organisational culture change processes, where leadership through emotional intelligence and organisational learning are keys to success.

Gosling International is a collaborative effort of Dr. Mike Gosling and Mrs Karen Gosling. Mike and Karen have spent more than 37 years together helping people optimize individual behavior and create successful lasting long-term relationships. They are committed to helping others live a more meaningful life through professional counseling, stakeholder centered coaching and mentoring, emotional intelligence assessments, five books and 24 DVDs/audio CDs, and RelationshipsMe Community.

Dr. Mike & Karen Gosling have a wealth of practical experience in participative change management, emotional brain therapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, emotional leadership learning, applying emotional intelligence, stakeholder centered coaching, team-building, organisation renewal, strategic planning and group facilitation — working on both small and large scale projects in a wide range of public and private sector organisations throughout Australia and Singapore.

In 1997, they moved to Singapore to live and work and embarked on a journey to raise the emotional literacy of people in every corner of the world using their emotional health self development system – The Emotional Leader Program. After 12 successful years in Singapore, they moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in 2009 from where they work  in collaborative learning partnerships with managers, senior executives, project groups and work-teams to:

  • Deliver creative change solutions to help strengthen successful leadership capability through emotional intelligence at organisational, team and individual levels
  • Transfer skills to change agents, leaders and teams to improve self-awareness, emotional self-control and emotional relations, and working more effectively in teams
  • Assist leaders and managers to build vibrant work cultures and high-performing self-directing teams
  • Develop participative change processes tailored to particular needs and workplace contexts

Gosling International is affiliated with practices globally leveraging each other’s assets in different geographical sectors developing emotional health. From time to time we partner with other independent consultants sharing similar values, principles and approaches to leadership development and workplace change, who collaborate as associates on particular projects or assist with presentation of our live seminars.

Referring Practitioners: General Medical Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Educational Psychologists and Allied Health Professionals, Professional Teachers and Educators, CEOs, C-Level Executives, and Human Capital Managers.

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