Professional, experienced, caring, resourceful.


Gosling International’s Logo

Gosling International’s plain figure hexagon logo represents an individual’s current life situation. Gosling International’s shared values surround the hexagon and support it. The movement of one ball away from those encased by the hexagon, symbolizes self-directed change for good in the future; from what is known and within one’s comfort zone to values, goals, and dreams of what is possible for individuals.

Gosling International is disciplined by foundations of:

  • Character: A culture of empowering people in community.
  • Spirit: Our moral qualities that guide our business conduct.
  • Integrity: To act with honesty, objectivity, and courage.
  • Methods: A systematic body of theory and knowledge.
  • Maturity: Applying wisdom and professional judgement.
  • Confidentiality: A code of privacy and security.

Gosling International’s personnel are wise and experienced, having spent many years in the field dealing with many people from different ethnic groups and walks of life. We continue to practise our own personal growth and development, attending regularly seminars and international conferences.

Gosling International is in the business of caring. We give our clients opportunities for living; creating successful individual transition, including change management, revitalisation, and renewal. We do this through a genuine, warm, knowledgeable, empathic human support and emotional leadership experience. To care for our clients we:

  • Act as a means to introduce new knowledge to motivate self-directed learning & solutions.
  • Foster innovation and change using multimedia informational & instructional technologies.
  • Train people in strategic problem-solving, thinking, and communication skills.
  • Encourage participation and passion for life’s opportunities.

At Gosling International we focus on the person – how can we best care for our client through personal coaching and counseling, training, and emotional leadership development. We are patient and accepting of different ways of living and social values. We practice non-judgement.

Gosling International’s directors and consultants have considerable developed formal education and resources.

Gosling International is stable and will not collapse with sudden change. We deal skilfully with new situations and have a high tolerance for ambiguity. Our resources are committed to improving the awareness of and opportunities for effective emotional leadership for people around the world.

What do you need to have the emotionally stable future you want?
Personal service, sophisticated tools, and genuine insight. And, of course, an affordable price. At Gosling International, one clear idea guides everything we do: The needs of the individual come first; we put the the person before the problem.
Personal Service
Count on us to attend you personally and provide help focused on you solving your problems.
Make better decisions using your emotional knowledge, emotional style, and emotional intelligence.
Great Value
You’ll never have to trade professional service and support to get great value for money.
 Personal Service
 For you that means elevated well-being through:
A program based on evidence-based emotional intelligence constructs and cognitive behavioural insights, backed by Goslings research and ongoing, expert guidance.
Easier behavioural decisions with our short list of tools and techniques to help you make right choices from the thousands that are available.
Keeping your changes on track through regular sessions and follow up phone calls and emails with your consultant..
 Remarkable Insight
 For you that means:
Empathic and insightful advice and guidance.
Informed individual emotional intelligence reports through the use of the latest research-based instruments in psychometric testing. Consultants provide oral presentations and summations of findings and can suggest interventions to assist the client in understanding and developing specific areas of their emotional intelligence.
Access to in-depth technical analysis and case studies geared for active decision making.
 Great Value
 For you that means:

Affordable consultation plans, expiring two years after initial purchase date, and no account keeping fees.
You benefit from the more than 40 years combined experience of Dr. Mike and Karen Gosling in the fields of cognitive-behavioural pyschology and emotional intelligence.
Easy facilitation of invoicing and Medicare claims.