Corporate EAP

Gosling International’s employee counseling service for CEOs, senior level executives, and staff is confidential.  Whilst the employer will be provided with an outline of the overall issues concerning the employee, issues that are confidential between the and client will remain so.

Gosling International liaises closely with HR professionals in an organisation to ensure that invoicing and reporting of counseling interviews is confidential.

Once you start the employee counseling service, your employees will be able to:

  • Call Karen or Dr. Mike Gosling to attend for counseling in the workplace location or in our counseling rooms
  • Get professional support for employees who may experience stress, family/parenting issues, marital or relationship conflict, depression, anxiety, addiction problems, grief and loss issues as well as difficulty in coping with work
  • Receive assessments for appropriate referrals for other professional assistance, when necessary
  • Get an immediate response within 24-48 hours
  • Have a family member attend for counseling where appropriate
  • Enjoy ongoing support through Gosling International’s website resources
  • And much much more!

And here’s the good news – Your employees CAN benefit from Gosling International’s employee counseling service even if staff have never had counseling before!

All you need is the know-how and guidance

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