Dr. Mike Gosling, Founder of Gosling International, is an executive behavioral coach known internationally for his emotional leader training programs. He specializes in the application of scientific evidence-based methods to emotional intelligence, emotional brain theory, coaching, and high performance emotional leadership.

Dr. Gosling helps CEOs, senior level managers and staff in corporations, business owners, entrepreneurs, and individual professionals, strengthen their emotional intelligence and stop irritating and annoying behavior so they can fulfill their potential. His purpose is to teach others how to become unconsciously skilled in emotions for connected better relationships.

Dr. Gosling holds Bachelors and Master of Business Administration Degrees, and a Ph.D. in Emotional Intelligence. His research interests focus on leadership and coaching effectiveness.  He has co-authored three books and is currently editing and authoring his new book titled: The Emotional Leader. A Practical Guide To Successful Emotional Leadership.

Dr. Gosling created The Emotional Leader Program, a 12 month face-to-face executive coaching program designed for successful leaders who want to gain the emotional agility and discipline to achieve positive, long-term improvement in leadership behavior by developing and applying their emotional intelligence and gaining greater self-awareness.

The Emotional Leader Program coaching process helps successful leaders perfect emotion mastery, with a comprehensive program to help you develop emotional leadership habits to live the extraordinary life you deserve and have always wanted. These leadership programs are an exclusive suite of resources that are making a positive, measurable, long-term difference in the lives of clients around the world. Will Dr. Gosling’s next client be you? Continue reading…

Dr. Gosling is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and guarantees measurable leadership growth and behavioral change using a methodology that is highly effective and time efficient.

Dr. Gosling is the founding partner of Gosling International, a coaching and counseling consultancy practice created to help individuals and corporate employees around the world develop emotional awareness and emotional skills. Gosling International is affiliated with practices globally leveraging each other’s assets in different geographical sectors.

Dr. Gosling is Co-founder of, leading an international online community of passionate caring people to reengage with their disconnected partner and romance their soulmate.

Dr. Gosling proudly supports The BULA Project – His non-profit charitable initiative to fund education, health, and sustainable economic development projects that bring peace, happiness and abundance to people in need, especially women and children, in the Fiji Islands, giving back to the country of his birth.