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About Gosling International


January 1998 in Singapore


Gosling International is a leading education, training, coaching, counselling and media (information products) organisation based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, serving committed clients worldwide. Our programs help successful men and women change annoying behaviours that are impacting adversely on others and blocking them from achieving their goals in their marriage, at home, and as true leaders in the workplace.


Gosling International has attended more than 5,600 clients from 86 ethnic groups and provided assistance to CEOs, senior executives, and employees from 43 corporations.


Directors & Consultants – Dr Mike Gosling & Mrs Karen Gosling. Australian citizens.


Gosling International is affiliated with practices globally keeping their own business identities and clients but leveraging each other’s business in different geographical sectors providing emotional support, personal development and growth strategies.

Referring Practitioners

Psychiatrists, General Medical Practitioners, Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, Allied Health Professionals, Professional Teachers and Educators, CEOs, Senior Level Executives, and Human Resource Managers.

Gosling International's Values

Gosling International

Gosling International’s plain figure hexagon represents an individual’s current life situation. Gosling’s shared values surround the hexagon and support it – providing an opportunity or change. The movement of one ball away from those encased by the hexagon, symbolises self-directed change for good in the future; from what is known and within one’s comfort zone to beliefs, values, goals, dreams, and vision of what is possible for individuals.


Gosling International consultants help people master behavioural change to continuously improve performance. We give our clients opportunities for living; creating successful individual transition, including change management, revitalisation, and renewal. We do this through a genuine, warm, knowledgeable, empathic human support and emotional wealth experience. To care for our clients we:
  • Act as a means to introduce new knowledge to motivate self-directed learning & solutions.
  • Foster innovation and change using multimedia informational and instructional evidence-based technologies.
  • Train people in strategic problem-solving, thinking, communication, and emotional skills.
  • Encourage participation and passion for life’s opportunities and each individual’s unique contribution to others.


Gosling International personnel are wise and experienced, having spent 35 years in the field dealing directly with more than 5,600 people from 86 ethnic groups, 43 enterprises, and many walks of life.  We continue to practise our own personal development through seminars and conferences, but most of all learning from our clients.


At Gosling International we focus on the person – how can we best care for our client through personal counseling, coaching, training, and emotional development.  We are patient and accepting of different ways of living and social values.  We practice non-judgement.


Gosling’s directors and consultants have considerable developed formal education and resources.


Gosling International is disciplined by foundations of:
  • Confidentiality: A code of privacy and security.
  • Character: A culture of empowering people in community.
  • Spirit: Our moral qualities that guide our business conduct.
  • Integrity: To act with honesty, objectivity, and courage.
  • Methods: A systematic body of theory and knowledge.
  • Maturity: Applying wisdom and professional judgement.
  • Resourceful

    Gosling International is stable and will not collapse with sudden change.  We deal skilfully with new situations with a high tolerance for ambiguity.  Founded in Singapore in January 1998, our resources are committed to designing and providing opportunities for people worldwide to make their life better.