Karen Gosling, Co-founder of Gosling International, is an experienced professional counselor known internationally for her emotional development training programs, and keynote speaking. She specializes in the application of scientific evidence-based methods to emotional brain theory, cognitive-behavioral therapy, emotional intelligence, and high performance emotional leadership.

Mrs Gosling helps individuals, couples and family groups gain clarity about the negative emotions they feel (possibly affecting their behavior) and an understanding of why they feel what they feel. Her purpose is to touch people’s lives when they’re needing some emotional support and compassion, to love her family and urge them to also serve others.

Mrs Gosling is a pioneer in the fields of personal development, human wellness and relationship, trauma and adult ADD counseling. She is passionate about counseling, where you can discover the secrets to being in control of your emotions and instantly restore peace and calm in your life and relationships. Through discussion you can often then alter distorted thinking and/or make decisions about what you can do to affect the way you feel. Talking things through usually makes it clearer about what you want to do with your issue.

Mrs Gosling holds Bachelors and Master of Public Health Degrees. She has authored and co-authored five books on surviving your life drama, handling difficult behavior (including adult ADD), emotional leadership, and stress reduction strategies to achieve wellness. She is currently editing and authoring her new book titled: Healing Adult ADD.

Mrs Gosling created the online Romance Your Soulmate and Game of Intimacy programs for people who are disconnected from their partners and want to reengage them to build a long-term lasting relationship, based on mutual respect, love, effective communication, and emotional health.

Mrs Gosling is a founding partner of Gosling International, a coaching and counseling consultancy practice created to help individuals and corporate employees around the world develop emotional awareness and emotional skills. Gosling International is affiliated with practices globally leveraging each other’s assets in different geographical sectors.

Mrs Gosling is Co-founder of, leading an international online community of passionate caring people to reengage with their disconnected partner and romance their Soulmate.

Mrs Gosling provides a professional emotional brain therapy and CBT counseling service. Counseling is conducted face-to-face, by telephone, email, or internet technologies (Skype). Over several sessions you will learn cognitive strategies to manage negative emotions and how to respond to others in mature and appropriate ways. You will experience the impact this changed behavior has on your self-esteem and on your relationships, both at home and at work. If Karen assesses that a further referral is indicated, for example, to a doctor for medication or psychiatrist for diagnosis, this will also be discussed.

Mrs Gosling also provides a corporate EAP counseling service for CEOs, senior level executives, and staff in organizations.

How can counseling help me? How will I benefit?

Often people comment that they feel better after just one session. This is entirely possible as:

  1. You have had an opportunity to ventilate feelings and perspectives and not be judged.
  2. The Counselor gives explanation to and normalises the feelings you are having.
  3. You leave believing that you have just taken the first step to feeling better long-term.

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